Worcestershire has been the center of many historic events. Many places that exist till date bear witness to historic events and some even hosted these events. If you are in Worcestershire, be sure to visit the following places:

  1. The Commandery

The Commandery has been around since the 12th century when it was first put up as a hospital (according to legend). Since its construction, the Commandery has transformed due to changing ownership, and the different architectural styles can be seen in various parts of the building. There are many ways to enjoy this location’s interesting history especially since there are interpreters on-site and audio interpretations.

  1. The Great Witley Parish Church

There are few churches in England as beautiful as this. The church’s roof is adorned by paintings made by the great Antonio Belluci, and the windows were the work of Joshua Price who made the painted enamel and stained glass. Gilded mouldings cover the walls and there is also the pulpit, pews and font, all of which are highly revered works of art. This location never ceases to amaze all who come to visit.

  1. Lower Brockhampton at Brockhampton Estate (National Trust)

This building is listed as part of the national trust. This property has a manor house from the late 14th century with a moat surrounding it. The manor has a detached gatehouse that’s half made from timber which is quite rare for houses of this type. There is also the ruins of a Chapel from the 12 Century. This farmed estate covers an area of 687 hectares and there are many historic livestock breeds here along with plenty of wildlife.

  1. Avoncroft Museum of Historic Buildings at Avoncroft Museum

You don’t come across a museum for buildings everyday, and that’s exactly what you’ll find here. There are around 30 historic buildings that have gained new life after being re-erected and undergoing extensive restorations. Some of the structures that you see here include a windmill from the 1800s, a furnished Medieval Town House from the 1940s. The location also holds the National telephone Kiosk Collection. There is free parking available at the site and apart from the exhibits; there is also an area where children can play, and an orchard.

  1. Worcester Cathedral

This building has been recognised as one of the most beautiful cathedrals in England and it features tombs for royalty, an ancient crypt and Chapter House and medieval cloisters. The stained glass windows are from the Victorian era. Construction of the building started as far back as 1084 and the building was dedicated to Christ and the Virgin Mary. Entry to this historic location is free so don’t miss out on a chance to see attractions that include King John’s tomb, Prince Arthur’s chantry and St. Wulfstan’s crypt. On Saturdays and school holidays, you can also climb up the tower and enjoy amazing views of the surrounding areas.