There is nothing like challenging yourself for a good cause. If you’re looking to push your body to its limits, and also raise money to help life threatened children and their families and Local life limited, there is only one place to be on 3rd November 2016; Bank House Hotel in Worcester. Starting from 6 pm to 9 pm, people will get the chance to participate in a fire walk, and for those who have never tried this activity, this will be a special experience that you will not want to miss.

What’s a Fire Walk?

Fire walking is a practice that has been around for thousands of years and has been practiced by many cultures throughout the world. In many places it was seen as a test of courage, while in religious circles it was considered a test of faith. Countries where fire walking has been practiced include India, Sri Lanka, Fiji, Greece, Japan and Bulgaria. The Kung Bushmen of the Kalahari also perform fire walks.

Fire walking involves walking on a path made of embers of hot coal. The objective is to walk from one end to the next without sustaining burns. As challenging as it sounds, it is very doable if you use the right technique. Although the ability to fire walk was once thought to have something to do with a supernatural power, the ability to walk across the hot embers without getting burnt can actually be explained scientifically, and that is why even you can rise up to the challenge and do it.

Nowadays, fire walking is part of many team building activities even in corporate circles and it’s also used as a confidence building exercise in self-help workshops.

Safety First

The fire walking activity will be overseen by trained fire walking experts to ensure that the risk of injury is minimized. The instructors will first demonstrate and explain how the walk is supposed to be done after which the attendants will finally get a chance to show off their fire walking skills.

Great Family Event

This event will provide a great opportunity to get away with the family as they watch you participate in the fire walk or even get to join in on the fun themselves. However, note that participants are required to be over the age of eighteen years.

Apart from the fire walk, there will be other things to do at the venue. Local stalls will be open and there will be food available for an exciting for those participating and those watching. Registration for the event will cost 35 pounds per person and there’s also a minimum sponsorship of 100 pounds. The food is catered for in the price. The proceeds from this event go towards a good cause. Come and test yourself and take advantage of the chance to be brave as Worcester joins hands for a good cause.