The 70s are back, and they are back in style! Looking through the stylish fashion pieces today, you will easily notice that there are some trends from the good old days. There was a revival of the seventies trend in the autumn of 2015, and up till now, combining a piece from the seventies with a contemporary outfit is absolutely chic! Check out trends from the seventies that you should definitely buy into.

Denim Flares

A pair of these is a wardrobe essential. There is no limit to the versatility of denim flares. They are universally flattering, and can fit all body types. By all means, invest in a good pair of flare denim trousers, and bring the 70s to 2016. The length of your denim flares should not be too long or short, but just right. Also bear in mind that a pair of denim trousers looks better with a high-waist.

However, you can always switch it up. Downplay on a pair with a basic tee and comfy sneakers, or dress it up by pairing them with a blazer and pumps.


There is no better to get your 70s vibe on than embracing the playfulness of the flirty fringe. From the shredded hemlines of skirts, dresses, and to fringe on sleeves of jackets, there is no denying that the fringe is back. This trend has extended to accessories too. For that boho vibe, you may want to combine a small fringe bag with a casual Friday outfit, or pair it with a cool summer outfit.  Either way, you do not want to go over the top with this trend.

Formal Jumpsuit

This is one classy trend that makes accessorizing fun and not just for adults, with formal wear for kids. You can add on a belt, an oversized clutch purse and strappy heels. If you decide against the belt, a statement necklace will do, or a bold statement cuff. This trend is one way to combine elegance and comfort at the same time. You can always pair it with a blazer, and remember that loose cut jumpsuits that fit your figure are more flattering.

Bohemian Dress

Nothing screams 70s like the bohemian dress. You can always create a more contemporary look by accessorizing with booties for an edgy look or white trainers. Donning on a jacket can also balance out the look. Going boho chic and staying trendy does not get easier than this.

Utilitarian Jumpsuit

This piece is all about comfort and versatility. You can dress it up with a pair of stilettos or dress it down with sneakers. Either way, this is a look that you can always get right.

The Necktie Blouse

The necktie blouse is back. Amazingly you can still wear it with a pair of flared trousers or a skirt, as was the trend in the 70s. The choice is yours. Throwing on a fitted coat or jacket for layering is also a perfect way of rocking the necktie blouse in 2016.

Peasant Blouse

The peasant blouse is the perfect summer piece. It’s a 70s staple that can be paired with a daring piece like a black leather pencil skirt or pants. You can also achieve that casual look by pairing your peasant blouse with skinny jeans and a statement neckpiece.


No-one epitomised the 1970’s punk fashion phenomenon more than Vivianne Westwood, the original offensive fashion movement. Using clothes to shock, irritate and provoke reactions, it showed it was okay not to be perfect and many of those core beliefs are still in fashion now.