It is hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is almost upon us once more. Where did the time go? With the last year flying past – no thanks to COVID-19 and the multiple lockdowns we have endured – it doesn’t feel like any time has passed since the last one. For couples and singletons alike, this is the time of year when people shower their loved ones with affection, whether that be acts of kindness, gifts, or other things. It can often be challenging to know what to give someone else, especially when you are attempting to express just how much they mean to you. If you are finding yourself in this position, fear not. We have all been there at some point in our lives!

After such a challenging year for many, express your feelings without shame. Get your other half that giant teddy bear if they want it! Little things like that can go a long way. If you are in search of Valentine’s Day gift ideas but want to find something a little more unique than usual, keep reading! Detailed below is a helpful guide of unique and personalised gifts to get for your loved one this Valentine’s Day. Spread the love!

  • Night Sky Map: These have increased in popularity over the years and are an incredibly unique gift to get that special someone in your life. Available through a medium of different companies, you can personalise the night sky by choosing what it would look like from a specific location at a particular time that has passed. Many people choose to personalise the maps to depict what the sky looked like when they met their other half or what it looked like at a specific moment in their relationship timeline. Whichever event you choose to detail on this map, we are confident that this gift will go down well!


  • Personalised Jewellery: Another popular choice for many when getting a gift for Valentine’s Day or another special occasion. Several different jewellery options can be personalised, no matter which piece you choose. Whether you have opted for matching rings or the more intimate, locket-style necklace, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing that special someone in your life, a unique and meaningful gift. With most businesses offering customers the opportunity to engrave the piece of jewellery with a message, you can personalise something like this for your precise situation and relationship. What’s more, a piece of jewellery is something that can be taken and kept a hold of forever; the person that you love the most more than anything in the world will be able to take a piece of you, no matter where they are.


  • Mystery Boxes: If you a spontaneous person, or someone who enjoys the element of mystery, this is the perfect gift for you to give and receive! Mystery boxes can contain a range of different things, but some of the most popular out there pose the recipients with an escape-room, detective-style task to complete. We are confident a gift like this would go down well with those lovers of crime novels and dramas, or those who fancy themselves as a bit of a Sherlock Holmes! Mysterious Mail is one of the many companies who provide these exhilarating, personalised gifts for him and her, and are perfect for occasions like Valentine’s Day. Whether you choose to complete the task as an individual or as a couple, this is a gift that will provide plenty of fun and excitement!


  • Couple’s Cocktail Kit: This is a perfect gift for all those cocktail lovers out, there especially when it has been a long time since you enjoyed one in a cocktail bar and are still very uncertain of when this will happen again. Whether you are planning a fun evening of activities for your other half or simply want the experience of making and drinking your own cocktails. The choice is entirely yours. What’s more, something like this would make an excellent gift choice, if you are taking part in “Palentine’s” Day, rather than Valentine’s, while sticking to current government restrictions, of course. You could even name the cocktail you are making after your loved one to make it that little bit more unique!


  • Date Night Tokens: These are something that can be created yourself – if you are the arts and crafts sort of person – or by purchasing and can bring a bit of spontaneity and fun to any evening! Date night tokens are, you guessed it, tokens that can be used for date night activities. This would be a perfect gift for those looking to mix things up and try new things and for those looking to keep up the spark by experiencing various things. These tokens can be perfect for spending a date indoors as a couple – perfect for an evening in or when looking to save money. On the other hand, it can be ideal when unable to decide what you want to go out and do as a couple; let the tokens decide for you!


  • Photo Album or Memory Box: Perfect for those who like to capture every moment and relive it later down the line, a photo album can be personalised in so many ways. This can be created at home, with the need to only purchase a personalised box or photo album. Collect photos from holidays, day trips, and simply, your favourite moments together. These memories together in one place is sure to go down a treat. As for the memory box, collecting receipts and items from different places that you have been, to either put into a memory box, or to but inside the photo album too, will emphasise the personalised aspect to these presents, and they will undoubtedly be unique!


These are but some of the suggestions of unique and personalisable presents available on the market. However, remember that the gift is not everything; it is the thought that counts! By spending time with the person, you love and reminding them just how much they mean to you, you are sure to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day together.