Would you believe if we told you that an average man spends over 6 months of his life shaving, yet does not use suitable shaving products to address his important skin concerns?

While stubble may be in, most women still prefer a clean-shaven man. This is because the clean-shaven look tends to make a man look more elegant and professional. Also, nuzzling against smooth and soft cheeks is more comfortable without a doubt! So, men, it is time you invested a bit more attention and time into that important beard-eliminating ritual known as shaving.

We understand that for many of us who are trying to get a smooth and good shave, it could seem like a huge task. You may wonder why you do not always get the smoothest shave.

To make shaving an enjoyable and more effective ritual, you should follow these 5 tips. Your skin would feel smoother as well as calmer than ever before.

Be Razor Smart!

When it comes to shaving, a rule of thumb, which is really a no-brainer, is using a superior razor. You should never penny-pinch here. This is because, with an excellent razor in hand, you have almost half of the job done. Always make sure that your blade is razor sharp.

In addition, if you shave frequently, like on a daily basis or every alternate day, then change your blade frequently. In order to get a closer and smoother shave, make sure that you rinse the blade thoroughly before each stroke. Keep in mind that the more buildup accumulates in the razor, the patchier the results would be.

Depending mainly on the overall quality of your beard, you may need to change your blade anywhere between every 3 or 10 shaves. Also, another great tip is dipping your razor in hot or warm water after every 5 to 6 swipes as this can help soften your hair further.

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Use Shaving Cream rather than Soap

Many men and even women tend to think that water and soap provide a good lubricant to help the razor glide easily along the skin; however, it might have a harsh or astringent effect, which leads to dry and flaky skin after drying.

Rather, use a gel or foam formulated particularly for shaving – or you can even use hair conditioner or body oil to help your razor glide along easily. You can also try organic shaving creams as they are devoid of harsh chemicals and hence, do not dry out the skin or make it flaky or rough. They help soften as well as condition the area, which makes shaving a piece of cake.  You should also be generous when you apply the shaving cream. Keep in mind that the more liberal you are the smoother and better your shave would be!

Pay Attention to the Direction of Hair Growth

Keep in mind that shaving against the direction of hair growth could increase the risk of ingrown hair as well as razor burn. This is why you are better off if you shave with the grain. When shaving, you should tackle the sides of the face first, and then your moustache area and finally your chin. It is worth mentioning that chin hairs are often the toughest and, as a result, attempting this area, in the end, would give these hairs some more time to soften.

If you are not sure how to determine which way your hair grows, you should wait for one to two days after shaving, and then gently run your hand along the area to figure out which direction your hair is moving.

Close your Pores

Keep in mind that the warm water of a bath or shower opens skin pores. So, after you shave, thoroughly rinse with warm water to remove all traces of shaving foam. When you are done, rinse using cold water to close your pores. Rinsing well with cold water will help remove any residual shaving debris and shave prep from the skin and from your facial hair.

Also, you may be better off applying a good hydrating moisturizer immediately after you dry off to prevent drying and flakiness. In case you like using self-tanning lotion, then this is the best time to apply it.

Never Dry Shave

One of the most important rules when it comes to shaving is to not dry shave. This is because dry shaving often results in rough skin as well as improper hair removal. This will lead to a very unkempt and scraggy appearance, which is not what you want.

You will get a better exfoliation if you soften the skin first, which is why many experts recommend shaving near the end of the bath or shower time. This is because your skin needs at least ten minutes in warm water to soften adequately.

Always thoroughly wash your face, preferably using lukewarm water before you shave. Or, you may dab your chin and jaw with a hot towel. This will help soften your facial hair, making hair removal much easier.