As one of the more expensive places to live in Worcestershire – and even the West Midlands – Bromsgrove is definitely not for everyone. However, if you’ve got enough money in the bank and wish to call somewhere like this your home, there’s no reason not to buy a house there.

Of course, before you go putting any money down, there are a few things you’ll want to consider first.

Finding The Right Street

Bromsgrove might be home to some of the pricier properties in Worcestershire, but that doesn’t mean every home is expensive. So, if you’re moving here to make the most of the area’s more luxurious properties, you’ll want to ensure you’re looking in the right place.

Several streets in the region have recorded average sale prices upwards of £500,000 over the last five years, making them the place to be in Bromsgrove. They’re a stark contrast to the roads where average prices were less than £100,000 in the same time frame. You can find which streets feature in these lists here, so you know where to focus your attention.

Arranging A Mortgage

When buying a house in Bromsgrove, you’ll obviously have the mortgage to consider. It’s best to have a mortgage advisor on hand with this to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

Given the region is home to many expensive properties, it may be worth leaning on the expertise of Enness Global. They focus on high-value mortgages, so the pricier a house is, the better suited they are to the job. No matter how complex the mortgage situation, they’ve got the knowhow to deal with it, which might be precisely what you need.

If you’re unaccustomed to moving or you’ve never made such a significant investment before, their assistance might be the peace of mind you’re looking for.

Confirming It’s Right For You

If you’ve never lived somewhere like Bromsgrove before, it’s important to think about what the area offers and whether that’s right for you. After all, given it’s a more rural-based area, life here might be a lot different from what you’re used to if you’re an urban dweller.

For those who work in the surrounding towns and cities, Bromsgrove does benefit from being near the M5 and M42, making commuting easy. It’s also an excellent place for anyone interested in culture and history, thanks to establishments like the modern arts centre and Avoncroft Museum, as well as the annual Bromsgrove Festival. The fact that the area is rooted in the countryside means it’s also ideal for anyone who enjoys rural walks and embracing the fresh air.

You can find out more information about what’s in Bromsgrove and suggestions about where to live in the town on Zoopla.

If you’ve got plenty of money and are looking to live somewhere quieter out of the city, Bromsgrove could be the place for you. Just make sure that everything is to your liking before making any final decisions.