Explore the wild countryside, and delve into this West Midland County of England. Worcester’s ornate cathedral has a major significance, having been designed in every architectural style from Gothic to Norman.

If you are an eager rambler, head over to Beacons, dotted with extraordinary towers in the Malvern Hills. While you make your way through the plains and woodland nature reserves, look out for minks and voles as they dash across the bushes. In Worcestershire, you’ll enjoy the Malvern fresh water in market towns and pump rooms.

This post is a guide for some of the places to look out for on your trip.

  1. Enjoy a Tour of Witley Court and Gardens

This interesting garden has rich history and beautiful landscaped gardens. It was once a fine imperial home hosting extravagant balls. Today, the house makes for an attractive place to visit, with its interesting history dating back to the Jacobean era. It is also home to the famous Perseus and Andromeda fountain rising as high as 50ft into the air.

The gardens and parkland are wide-ranging with a newly renovated East Parterre originally developed by William Nesbit. Visitors love the exquisitely gilded décor and Italian-style ceilings painted Antonio Bellucci. Are you an art lover? Witley Court and Gardens is perfect for you.

  1. Travel back in time via the Severn Valley Railway

The view of the Severn Valley railway will give you a nostalgic feeling as you make your way into the steam powered beauty. The railway is a great place for a family outing and you can alight at different stations of the superb countryside for sight-seeing. There are also local attractions where your family can eat and drink.

Don’t miss the exotic wildlife as you travel through the West Midland Safari and Leisure Park. There are tigers, elephants, buffalos and the largest pride of white lions in the UK. At Highley, there are a range of steam locomotives and railway exhibitions representing the early period of the British Railway. If you choose to stay overnight, you will find lovely accommodation and several attractions to suit your preferences.severn-valley-railway

  1. Enjoy the best view in England at The Cottage

The Cottage touts itself as having the best view in England. Why take their word for it? Come see for yourself. Perched on the splendid Marvern Hills, The Cottage overlooks the Severn Valley in all its panoramic glory. If you are looking for the perfect English getaway, come to this cosy hotel.

The Outlook Restaurant sits here too, with its luxurious rooms and tall French-style windows often thrown open to let in the beautiful view. An outside terrace is ideal for pre-dinner drinks and comfy afternoons in the summer.

  1. Cycle through the Wyre Forest

Are you passionate about the outdoors? If you are at home in the woodlands, Wyre Forest is your next best stop. An ideal place for cycling, navigate the fern-surrounded tracks and tall trees of this Forest Park. More daring adventurers can go into the deep dark areas for a camping experience.

The cycle trails range from casual family-friendly rides to more spirited rides for the competitive cyclists. If you enjoying cycling or roving the outdoors, make your way to Kingsford Forest Park and Clent Hills for a memorable experience. Don’t miss the historic standing stones too.