Reindeer court offers a unique shopping experience at the heart of Worcester’s shopping district. This location offers a good combination of key things you would want from a shopping center i.e. convenience and large number of options. You can think of it as a one stop shop, except it’s larger and has architecture that makes the place worth visiting for the view alone. A tour of Worcester is never truly complete without a trip to this place, and this spot always has a healthy number of visitors streaming in all year round. So, what are some of the things to look out for in Reindeer’s Court?

Convenient Access and Parking

Accessing places like Reindeer Court is challenging due to the large number of people coming and going. To resolve this problem, Reindeer Court has three entrances. The entrances are in Mealcheapen Street, New Street and The Shambles. This gives you easy access to the court no matter which direction you’re coming from.

When you’re out shopping, you’ll obviously want to be walking around from store to store. This however, presents the problem of where to leave your car. As far as parking goes, it’s not just about convenience but also security. While shopping at Reindeer Court, you can park your car either at St Martin’s Gate multi-storey car park or at the carpark at the Commarket.


Reindeer court is one of the best locations to shop in Worcester. There are a large number of shops that cater to visitors’ different needs. If you’re shopping for clothes, there are over nine stores that you can choose from including Adorned, Exchange & Smart, Court Leather, Greenswood Men’s Wear, Embrace and Sassy Boutique.

If you’re looking to add something new to your jewellery collection, Iapetus Gallery is an ideal place to get a variety of items including hand crafted jewellery. Ian Quartermaine Jewellery are well known for their wedding rings and other items and if you have in mind something exquisite that will catch the attention of everyone you pass, Rock Lobster Jewellery will have you covered.

Brimstone Gifts is a great spot to pick out gift items such as toys and assorted jewellery while Hide N Geek is perfect for getting action figures, games and comic books.

Food, Drinks and Music

No trip to the court is ever truly complete without having some good food or listening to good music. Scoff’s Street Food offers an amazing range of tasty local delicacies that you won’t get enough of, and Elgar’s Coffee shop has many hot and cold drinks and even a few alcoholic beverages. You can also enjoy a selection of organic coffees and teas plus many other treats at the Hangar Café.

There’s all this and more to enjoy at Reindeer Court but most of all, you’ll get to enjoy the well-known hospitality of the Worcester people as you enjoy your time at the Court.