Every year, different sectors experience new trends that makes them evolve for the best and photography is not left out of the fray. In 2017, photography transformed from just an art to a way of life – and it doesn’t look like the evolution is stopping any time soon. With different softwares being developed constantly and digital capturing taking over the scene, the year 2017 and beyond will witness a boom in the photo industry.

A survey by the BBC Research showed that the digital photo industry was valued at over $80 billion in 2016 and will likely hit a $100 billion mark in 2017 – as it grows at a rate of 3.8%. This goes to show that the commercial aspect of the sector is guaranteed to make more profit to sustain the rise of photography this year and in more to come.

Some Photography Trends of 2017

Travel photography has come to stay. Since the advent of digital capturing and editing, people no longer go to studios for pictures. They want to experience new places and events, then document it with their cameras or even mobile devices. Smart phones and tablets have also made it easy for one to refer to a picture without looking for photo booklet. Therefore, your mobile device becomes a camera, editor and photo album.

On the other hand, the trend of telling a story or even putting up updates about how your daily activities on file sharing social media sites is something people have gotten used to. With popular apps like Snapchat, Pinterest and Instagram taking front line. These apps even come with filters that help upgrade the quality of pictures taken to make them look better and professional. Some mobile devices now come with sensors, brighter lights, high megapixel front camera and accessories to make it easy for you to even take photos or a “selfie” on your own.

The Impact of Photography Softwares in 2017

Since the world has gone digital, photography also has. Many tech support companies have created apps that makes every picture experience one to look forward to. There’s no need going to a professional photographer when you can simply get a photo editor software, and give your pictures a complete makeover for a better aesthetically pleasing outlook. Furthermore, you can get a photo enhancer app and a digital printer (if you need the hard copy) – and you’re also good to go. The amazing thing about most photography software’s is that they can be downloaded for free.

Some apps come with features that let you filter “unwanted areas” of the photo you take and even frame or crop it to any size you desire. Some even make it easy for you to take images from pictures and place them on a different background without any flaw to show that anything was “photoshopped”. You can also compress the image to save on the available space on your phone, memory card or PC.

The photo industry has grown commercially and otherwise. The year 2017 has seen more brands and individuals taking advantage of this boom to build their brand or record unforgettable moments. Whatever the case, you should flow with the trend to enjoy the fun that comes with photography.