We all are well aware of the unmatchable Japanese technology that has a cutting-edge over all others. This tiny island nation is at the forefront of the engineering world with its supremely delivered products. Be it cars or planes, they have established a strong position in the global market with the help of their hard work and innovation. This is precisely the reason why people in many parts of the world rely not only on new, but also on used Japanese MPVs. (Multi-Purpose Vehicles)

These cars maybe second hand (pre-owned), but they are known for giving you a long-term service, a comfortable driving experience, and most important of all, affordability. These highly efficient cars are easy on the maintenance, and spare parts are easily available for all makes and models. These cars are the best choice for emerging economies where efficient but inexpensive vehicles are needed for commercial or transportation purposes. So, if you are in dire need of such an all-rounder vehicle, go for a company that’s into Japanese MPV imports in UK. Japanese MPV Motors is functioning in this industry for more than a decade and is highly specialised in importing cars from Japan to the States. They hand pick their vehicles which go through special checks and final touches before they are delivered right to your doorstep.

What’s the secret behind the affordable price tag of used Japanese cars?

The main question that may be popping into any potential buyer’s mind is that what makes the high-quality Japanese used cars so much more affordable than the ones of their rivals. Japanese manufacturers are famous for giving birth to some of the best cars around the globe, that too at the best prices without even compromising on the quality. So, let’s see some of the reasons behind it:

Japan’s car pricing

If you consider all of Asia’s countries, Japan’s prices are the lowest. Japan’s large economy of scale allows the manufacturers to sell the cars at a much lower price. Also, the Japanese population is known to be changing their cars quite frequently. This leads them to sell off their old cars at a much lower price. These factors are behind the Japanese system that involves the selling of cars at low prices and piling up of almost new or slightly used cars.

Frequency of new models

As, we mentioned already, Japanese automakers have this cutting edge over their rivals in terms of technology and features. Due to this, the Japanese population is blessed enough to enjoy new kinds of features and technology before the rest of the world. But this also has a downside. The Japanese frequently release new models with slight changes or advancements. This doesn’t make the earlier model obsolete but the tech-savvy people of Japan are keen on using the recent and updated versions. So, they sell off their near-new car for inexpensive rates. So it’s not a surprise if you find a used Japanese car that’s been used only for a few months and have months of warranties left.

Dumping cost

If you are of the idea that Japanese people just dump their cars, then you are absolutely wrong. The cost of throwing away anything in Japan comes at an expense. So instead of getting burdened with additional costs when throwing away a car, the people of Japan prefer to sell it. So, they sell off their almost new cars at prices almost slashed down to 50% of the original.

Low depreciation value

Japanese are known to take care of their possessions quite well. So, it’s no surprise that they maintain, wash, and service their cars with utmost regularity. This means that the car can get older and the price will fall but the real depreciation value, in respect to quality, doesn’t fall much.


So, these were the main reasons why Japanese used cars are sold at such low prices in the market irrespective of the high quality and features. These cars are like the greatest news for car lovers all over the world. Are you one of them?