Tyres are the most important part of a vehicle. Without them, reaching to your desired destination would be impossible. There’s a fact that tyres can’t last much longer since they bear the entire load of the vehicle, but there are some tips that can help people in increasing the longevity of their tyres. Even the most looked after tyres will wear out eventually, however with these few tips you can definitely increase the lifespan of your tyres: 

  1. Check Your Tyre Pressure Regularly:

Checking your tyre pressure regularly should always be on your to-do list as driving with low-pressure tyres not only decreases the lifespan of tyres but also increases fuel consumption. To avoid having under or over inflated tyres, a person should keep a regular check and inflate the tyres with optimum tyre pressure. This recommended tyre pressure would either be engraved onto the surface of the tyre or mentioned in your car’s manual. Please note that over and under-inflated tyres can cause poor traction and poor control over the vehicle.

  1. Travelling at High Speed.

If you are someone who drives really fast, then you need to be more concerned about tyre safety. Fast driving can have various adverse impacts on your tyres. Common ones are early and un-even tyre wear, punctures and decreased tyre lifespan. At first these impacts may go unnoticed but with time as your tyres will never get a chance to cool down and run permanently hot, it will have an impact on tyres’ overall performance and safety level. It is therefore recommended that people should drive at the recommended speed limit as it is safer for your tyres and for your own life as well. 

  1. Suspension or Wheel Alignment:

Suspension or wheel alignment is an important part of vehicle maintenance. Alignment should be checked after every 5000 to 10,000 km as it ensures that tyres have the best possible contact with the surface of the road. Misaligned wheels can cause many problems such as increased fuel consumption, poor control over the vehicle and uneven tyre wear. The best practice is to properly schedule an appointment with your nearest mechanic in which the alignment of the tyre should be properly checked and adjusted.

It is also important to reduce the weight in a car because increased weight can cause tyres to heat up and this may even result in a blow-out. Decreased weight in a car will reduce the pressure and strain upon tyres which will increase the lifespan of tyres and also reduce fuel consumption. If you feel your tyres show dangerous signs of aging and are wearing out, then it’s always a good idea to replace them. You can get good quality tyres at economical prices from Plume Tyres Birmingham Branch or even shop tyres online from them.