Afternoon tea has long since its introduction in England in 1840 by the seventh Duchess of Bedford, become a popular English tradition. The Duchess, Anna Russell, would often get hungry in the late afternoon and resort to tea, bread, and butter, seeing as dinner was served late, around eight o’clock in the night. Little did she realise she was founding a tradition that will live on long after her.

Worcestershire, being in the West Midlands of England, obviously inherited that tradition, and there are numerous cafes there that will treat you to relaxing afternoon tea if you are interested. Whether you are vacationing in that beautiful county or are just passing by, here are five of the top cafes in Worcestershire that will indulge you with warming afternoon tea, snacks, or lunch.

  • Cloister Cafe at Worcester Cathedral

When you go touring Worcester Cathedral and the bank (overlooks the River Severn) on which it sits or, perhaps, are taking an outdoor art class at the architecturally mesmerising Cathedral, the Cloister Café is the perfect place for an enchanting afternoon break.

Situated within, but separate from, the Cathedral, the café is lovely, clean, and bright, and the ambience is warming and rich in peaceful decorations, with spectacular photos of the Cathedral on the walls.

Here, you will enjoy afternoon tea in china cups, appetising lunches, homemade cakes, lattice mince pies, jacket potatoes with tuna, ham and cheese salad, and a great selection of cold drinks all served by helpful staff.

  • Phileas Fogg Tea Room at Ralph Court Gardens

This 100-seater restaurant with beautiful views of the Malvern Hills seems like a sweet dream stolen from a tranquil sleep and then placed in Worcestershire for your dalliance with afternoon tea. With assorted homemade lunches and daily specials, it will not only treat you to cream teas and home baked cakes, but will also give you the chance to tour the Ralph Court Garden and enjoy the surprises presented by the amazing sculptures in unexpected corners.

  • The Garden Tea Rooms at Great Witley Parish Church

This is where to relish tea or coffee and toasted cake in their rawest form, as they are prepared with local produce. Whether you want yours dairy-free or gluten-free, the Garden Tea Rooms, nestling around the stunning ruin of a 19th-century English mansion and the baroque Witley Church, will serve you exactly what you order. The cafe was founded to raise funds for the church’s upkeep, but has now evolved into an attraction worth indulging.

  • Lunch at Severn Valley Railway

This is the destination to enjoy the perfect family lunch or that special occasion you can’t help but want to make memorable. Operating mostly on weekends all year round and on select weekdays in the summer, the Severn Valley Railway promises a nostalgic train ride and an enticing selection of food and drinks to keep your worries at bay while in the cafe.

  • Afternoon Tea at Dormy House

If you are looking for the ideal afternoon tea spot in Worcestershire, Dormy House might just be the cafe you have been searching for. Available between 2pm and 4pm from Monday to Saturday and for just £22.50 per person, Dormy House will spoil you with a diverse selection of teas with ingredients from India, Morocco, China, and Sri Lanka and fresh sandwiches, cakes, scones garnished with cream and jam, and quiche.

By visiting one of these cafes during your stay in Worcestershire and sipping a comforting afternoon tea there, you won’t only share in an undying tradition, but will also make an evocative journey to the golden time of Duchess Anna and the rich history that adorned it.