With the weather hotting up and heatwaves that have broken records in the UK this year, it’s no surprise that lots of people are looking to get their gardens ready for outdoor entertaining, dining, or just relaxing outside in the sun. Whether you have a garden that is small, medium sized or large, mainly patio or decking, or a large lawn, there are lots of great ideas to consider if you want somewhere nice to sit outside and eat, entertain friends and family, or relax with a good book. Some great options to consider include:

Outdoor Dining Set

Setting up an outdoor dining set is a great idea if you are planning a lot of future barbecues or just want to take your dinner outside to eat and make the most of the sunshine. This 9 piece outdoor dining set is a great option for big families or for households that do a lot of entertaining. You can set up an outdoor dining set on your lawn or on a shaded corner of your decking or patio; it’s up to you. It’s a good idea to buy a cover for it, so that when the inevitable rain comes it will stay dry and protected.

Cosy Garden Corner

If you’re not planning to have a lot of guests over or just want a corner of your garden where you can relax in the sun, then there are lots of ways to create a cosy outdoor corner. This can be perfect for working from home in the summer or just relaxing with a book or scrolling through social media after a long day. Chairs and a coffee table like these extra large coffee tables are a good idea; get one made from materials that are safe to keep outside or place it under a shaded area. An outdoor rattan corner sofa is a great idea, or you might be interested in comfortable chairs and footstools so you can relax.

Sun Loungers

If you want to really make the most of the sun this year while relaxing in your garden then you really can’t go wrong with a sun lounger. These are often inexpensive compared to other types of garden furniture so if you are on a budget, this can be a great way to make the most of the sun. Or, if you’ve invested a lot into creating a perfect garden for you, they are amazing for placing around a pool to get those holiday vibes right there in your own home.

Garden Hot Tub

If you’re looking to really invest in your garden, then a hot tub can be an amazing addition. For those sunny days, you can have colder water to help you cool off, but they are also amazing for the colder months so you can stay warm while enjoying the outdoors. For privacy, you can build a hot tub enclosure or a pergola for it to stay underneath.

If you want to make the most of your garden this summer and in the future, these are some of the best ideas to consider.