There are some items around the house that we just can’t part way with. They hold sentimental value so you will always find an excuse to keep them but with that, comes the struggles of finding an effective storage solution for all of these items.

Knowing how to get rid of your items with sentimental value can be difficult for many but with impactful storage solutions, you’ll be able to keep more of your items without your house suffering from looking cluttered.

With a recent survey from Hammonds Furniture revealing that 78% of Brits keep their most treasured items in their home, many people will require some storage tips and here are the top ways sentimental items can be stored.

Examples of sentimental items

  • Family photos from past holidays or significant occasions like graduations
  • Children’s paintings that they worked so hard on which made you fall in love with them
  • Irreplaceable items which could be a rare piece of jewellery passed to you following a family members death.

Show off your favourite items

Figures also from Hammonds Furniture show that 34% of us keep our most sentimental items in a secure safe within our homes, and 31% of us store them in a back of a wardobe, and the remaining 11% keep them under the bed.

However, if you don’t want to keep your items stashed away, you could place your items around the house. With so much unique space to highlight your favourite sentimental items such as walls, fireplaces or window sills, shelves and table surfaces, you have lots of opportunity to show off your family pictures and trinckets when you have visitors.

Of course, we recommend that you keep important documents like passports and birth certificates in a secure, and hidden location.

Storing photos

When you have every single picture framed and on display around the house, you may be using up a huge amount of space and won’t appreciate them as much as they have just become part of the furniture.

Instead, create photo albums that can be picked up on a rainy day as you reminisce as a family of all the great times you have had. With photo albums, you’ll keep your photos protected and take up less space around the house allowing for other items to be put on show.

Find a place for your children’s memories

Run out of space on your fridge for your child’s artwork or wall space for certificates? We know it can be hard to pick and choose what stays up and what gets taken down so why not create a sentimental box for your child.

Store your most cherished items from their childhood in a box and bring them out from time to time to remember them growing up. Having all of these items in one memory box means they can be easily stored in wardrobes or under the stairs.

Sentimental items are loved for a reason and so, whilst locking them away for storage may seem like a difficult task, the benefits that come with a more organised home will soon make up for it. Store your sentimental items effectively and pull them out whenever you need a laugh – or a cry – and you’ll never have to throw them out again.