We can’t help it. There are days where creativity is hard to come by, and it can be frustrating if you’re pressured to develop ideas for a client or a new project. What do you do if your deadline is approaching, and you need to come up with something good? Read on for five guaranteed tips to get those gears turning.

  1. Work in a room conducive for creativity

You won’t get much inspiration in a boring and poorly lit room. Your environment has more influence on your state of mind than you think. If you’re not getting anything productive out of your usual workspace, maybe it’s time to spice things up. Paint your walls with a brighter colour. Install a corkboard or whiteboard so you can pin or scribble down whatever inspires you. Pull back the blinds to let some light in. Drop some pure cannabis oil into your diffuser to calm your mind and help you focus.

  1. Get inspired

When your creativity is all dried up, maybe it’s time to find ideas elsewhere. Take a walk, watch a movie, read a book, or listen to a podcast. Sometimes stepping into another environment or consuming other media can jumpstart your brain into coming up with something exciting. You can also visit museums or go people-watching at the park. If you’re not up to going out, you can browse sites like Instagram or Pinterest.

  1. Withhold your judgement

In the brainstorming phase, no ideas are bad ideas. Don’t be too quick to shoot down a concept because you think it’s too basic or complicated. Write everything down and let your mind roam freely. Once you release yourself from the restrictions of your personal biases, the ideas will flow endlessly.

  1. Put yourself in the right emotional state

Certain projects require that you be in a specific mindset to get started. For example, if you’re working on a happy song, you can’t expect to execute it well if you’re in a bad mood. Try to get yourself in the proper headspace for your project by doing things that make you happy. Watch a funny movie or a comedy routine. You can also try mood-regulating tricks like breathing techniques.

  1. Bounce off of other people

It can be hard to come up with original ideas on your own. Even the best creatives had peers, editors, family members, and friends who have surely inspired them and provided valuable input on their work. If you’re struggling to get the ball rolling, talk to other people. You’d be surprised how different people can interpret the same subject.

Burnout is more common than you think, especially for those in the creative industry. It can be challenging to come up with novel ideas and it’s daunting to be confronted with the idea that there are so many others who are more talented than you. Don’t let these fears paralyze your creative spirit. Sometimes just letting yourself step back and rest will alleviate your anxieties and get you back on track.