With the end of term rapidly approaching, you may be agonising about the prospect of maintaining your health and schedule while looking after the kids full-time. It might feel as though you have just recently regained some freedom after an extended period of home-schooling during the pandemic, but the coming six weeks mark an end to that. Here are some ways to look after your family’s and your own wellbeing during the summer break.

Put Together a Bucket List

A good way to stay on top of things during the holidays is to agree on a bucket list. Brainstorm as a family and decide on what you would all like to do most during the break. You should avoid overcommitting with this and settle on no more than 10 activities for the holidays. This can help bring some focus to the summer holidays, allowing you to effectively plan your time and ensure that you do not get overwhelmed by the kids’ demands when they are off school.

Practice Stress-Busting Techniques

There are some great methods for reducing stress when you are feeling overwhelmed. For example, practising mindfulness is a brilliant way to keep your mind calm. Whether you prefer passive, calming mindfulness techniques like meditation, or more active ones like yoga, they can effectively reduce stress when you are struggling.

Some people advocate CBD (cannabidiol) for stress reduction. CBD is one of the primary active compounds found in cannabis, and it can act on the cannabinoid receptors located in your body, which some claim can relieve stress and anxiety. Using a CBD vape is one of the fastest ways to intake the compound, so you could try a CBD vape if you feel stressed during the holidays.

Encourage Physical Activity

One of the best ways to maintain physical and mental wellbeing during the summer holidays is to stay active and encourage your family to engage with active pastimes.

Firstly, keeping yourself active has been shown to have a significant impact on mental health. By exercising regularly, you will be able to avoid feeling overwhelmed by stress during the summer break. Additionally, encouraging active hobbies for your children will help them stay healthier and get them out of the house when they are not in school.

There will undoubtedly be summer activity camps in your area that can run for a week or two. This will keep your children entertained and engaged with physical activity and will give you some vital room to breathe after the end of term.


To summarise, the summer holidays can be a stressful time for many parents. While it goes without saying it is lovely to spend time with the kids, it can become overwhelming to balance family activities with your other responsibilities. Therefore, staying organised with your plans for the family, developing effective stress-busting techniques that work for you and maintaining physical activity can all be powerful ways to avoid burnout when schools break up.