For some time now, the world has been facing the coronavirus pandemic. Many countries are trying their best to contain the situation, but much more is still to be done. It is rather unfortunate that in many places, the situation seems to be worsening with time. More people are being infected with the virus and the demand for medical care is increasing.

Among the much-needed things is additional space in containing those with the virus. 

As more tests are being done and the number of those infected rapidly increases, hospitals are at the receiving end. The number of patients is overwhelming hospitals across the country. This has led the government to come up with new solutions. Among the new strategies that the government has come up with, modular construction is one of them. Modular construction is being used to meet the demand for space as we address the COVID-19 issue. Below is why modular structures are being used. 

Low Cost

Much has been said about the importance of money, especially when the world is facing a pandemic. The government is trying to support its citizens now more than ever. Social distancing and other measures outlined by the government and the health organizations have led many people to lose their livelihoods. Since the government is trying to provide for the people, spending a lot of money on buildings is not an option. Modular buildings are becoming the best option since they are relatively cheap to acquire.

They Are Versatile

One of the main challenges that on-site constructions tends to have is that they are limited to a specific purpose. Converting traditional permanent buildings into hospitals is rather laborious and will take a lot of time that we don’t have right now. 

Modular buildings are well known for their flexibility, and this is what makes them so usable, especially right now. Different governments are using them for different purposes depending on the need at the time. They can be used to offer additional space for hospitals, testing, and quarantine facilities. Smart-space has been producing flexible modular constructions for a long time now. It’s high time we put them to use. 

It is essential to note that modular buildings can be designed in many ways. Although some may come in a standard form, they can be customized to the client’s desire. These types of buildings can be specialized to meet all of the health guidelines and with equipment that would be used in treating those with the coronavirus. 

Constructed Rapidly

Time is vital as we are combating the virus. Humanity needs solutions that are fast and effective. As the number of those admitted in hospitals keeps rapidly increasing, finding more space is becoming crucial. Constructing on-site buildings usually takes a lot of time and tends to affect normal operations in areas around it. Modular structures are constructed quickly compared to other types of buildings within efficient cleanroom design. By using them, more precious lives will be saved as time will be saved.


Considering what modular constructions have to offer, it is high time we use them in offering solutions for the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time, following what the doctors and government say will be requisite in flattening the curve and saving many lives.