Other than the occasional freebies, what do clients love more? Well, you as you can imagine, more freebies! According to some studies, more than 50% of consumers wish to receive promotional merchandise more often. Keyrings are some of the best promotional items that most business can use to achieve several goals. Some of them include creating awareness about the brand or company, attracting new clients, appreciating clients for their loyalty, as well as to win new clients to make them more likely to do more business with the company.

Promotional keyrings as great promotional items

So, what makes promotional keyrings effective promotional items? When it comes to the choice of which promotional item a company will employ, they need to consider several things. These are some of the traits that promotional keyrings possess that make them very suitable for promotional purposes.

The features of keyrings as effective promo items include:

Practicality: Merchandise that has a real use or practical purpose make the best promotional products. When we talk about things with a clear use, have in mind such things like promotional mouse pads, pens, mugs, tote bags, and of course keyrings, among many others. Items that have a practical use are effective as promotional products because every time they are used, they create some awareness for the brand or company. If more frequently and item is used the better, and key rings fall in that category, thus emerging as successful items for marketing.


Great promotional items have the ease of carrying from one place to another, thus being seen by many different people. But this does not mean that non-portable or less portable items like mugs or mousepads are not good. It just implies that portable ones like keyrings have an extra advantage over them. When a recipient is using or holding a unique or unusual-looking key ring, for example a rubber keyring, those who see it are interested to look at it closely, which also allows the image or message on them to get some attention.


While buying promotional items, the cost is a factor to consider despite it being hard to have a good balance between cost and quality. The beauty of keyrings is that they come in a wide variety of materials such as plastic, metallic, leather, rubber, and others. They also have a myriad of colours, shapes, uses, and prices. They may also have additional functions such as torches, bottle openers, and other functions that could make them more useful and make the recipient replace their previous one due to the additional utility in the new one.

Ways of using promotional keyrings

Companies can use keyrings in the following ways:

To enhance sponsored events: Companies sponsor events like sports, corporate dinners, roadshows, and others. The company should ideally give the clients some takeaway items which, even if they are not expensive, leave a lasting impression on the visitors. Keyrings can be used as takeaway merchandise.

To appreciate existing customers and win new clients: While the loyal customers are doing their normal or ordinary shopping, the business could reward them with promotional keyrings. The companies may also send keyrings together with customer deliveries. For new customers, the business may give those keyrings to make the customers come to shop there again.

To reward exemplary employee performance: Well-performing staff can receive promotional keyrings as tokens of appreciation. Not only will such gifts make them feel appreciated, but they will also help to generate exposure among all of the staff that they interact with as well as challenge other staff to work harder.

Personal gifts for great clients: Keyrings can be personalized to give to special clients who could be giving the company big businesses or for a special guest at business events.

The bottom line

Promotional keyrings are excellent promotional tools thanks to their features–practical use, portability, and offering value for money spent. The keyrings can be used to improve sponsored events or to appreciate loyal customer as well as well-performing workers. You need to weigh the cost versus the benefits before starting to use promotional keyrings since they come in a variety of styles and colors.