London is one of the world’s most important commercial cities. Sure, it is a little scary from the outside. But a closer look shows you that – as a young employee – London is pretty much the perfect place for you to forge the next stage of your career.

So, here is 5 perks of living in London.

You can call yourself a Londoner

Yeah, it might be a “humble-brag”, but working in London is something to be proud of. It is a competitive, magical place that opens a lot of doors.

It is the UK’s most diverse city, and London life is not just limited to tourist attractions like The Houses of Parliament or The London Eye. There is a village feel around the local neighbourhoods that just feels great to be a part of.

There is always something to do

Nobody should be bored in London. Whether it is a few too many rounds at your local pub, a night of free music, or a sporting event – you will never have a free evening… unless you want one.

And if that is not enough to get your juices flowing, remember that Heathrow happens to be a travel hub – so you can get just about anywhere in the world from there. Holiday season will be a breeze.

London has some of the best events in the world

There is nothing quite like the disappointment that Ed Sheeran is not coming to your local village for a gig – you will never get that feeling in London. Indeed, it can be difficult working out what to do with your Saturday night.

Check out the city’s events calendar and you will see what we mean.

It is a foot in the door

London is not just a place to be, it is a place to grow. Once you are there, it will be easier to apply to (and get) jobs around the city. Plus, your network will include like-minded, ambitious people who keep you on your toes.

And, yes, that also includes the people on dating apps like! You will be surrounded by Londoners, and that is a cool position to be in.

The Perks

Living and working in London comes with its own challenges – costs are high, commutes can be long and lonely, and it is a competitive environment. The good bit is that salaries tend to be higher – it’s called the London Weighting and you can find out more here.

Moreover, most employers offer incentives to help you squeeze as much extra value from your work/life balance as possible. You can use this benefits platform for your employee perks.


And that is it. 5 reasons why you should consider a one-way ticket to London for your next career move. There is plenty to do, you’ll be surrounded by like-minded people, and – yes – you’ll get paid more than you will anywhere else. Sure, your morning Starbucks might cost a tenner and then some, but isn’t that part of the charm? Go for it!